Sitzball Abs Blue 65cm
Product Code: 152408664
Brand: TOGU
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Strenghtens the back by unconscious little counterbalancing moves while sitting – especially suitable for the workplace.

Sitzball ABS -


Original ABS® safety made in Germany - The airbag for your gym ball


The burst proof fitness ball: Powerball ABS - the original made in Germany. The great physical barrier guaranteed. The special anti-burst material is latex-free, odorless and very load-bearing (in total up to 500 kg and additionally with guaranteed space safety even if the ball is up to 90 kg). The safety system functions similarly to tan airbag system in the car: in the event of damage to the ball by e. g. sharp edges, needles, glass splitter, scissors, etc., the Crylon safety material prevents the ball-skin from tearing open. The air passes slowly through the hole. A plating is excluded and injuries caused by an unexpected fall are avoided. We guarantee this as a manufacturer. Please observe pumping instructions and instructions.


Use the Powerball ABS as a seatball and at the same time as an ideal whole body training device. Strengthen the abdominal, trunk and back muscles by a safe, effective and dynamic back and stability training. By sitting upright and moving, back pain can be avoided or mitigated. During the sitting on the ball an upright body is automatically taken. At the same time the pelvic, abdominal and back muscles are used again and again to keep the balance. Improve your body control and agility. In addition, the ball is suitable for a varied, proprioceptive and sensomotor training and physiotherapy.


Versatile exercises in different body positions are possible. A training manual is enclosed with the product packaging.


Expert opinion by Oliver Schmidtlein, physiotherapist and owner of OSPHYSIO:


When exercising with high-performance athletes, the maximum effect is the same as maximum safety. The Powerball® ABS® series from TOGU® offers both thanks to its unique material properties. Whether for coordination and stabilization training or training with heavy additional weights - the power balls from TOGU are for me the best and safest fitness balls.


It is an inflatable and burst proof gymnastic ball - made in Germany - made of anti-burst material. The material called Crylon is odorless and very resilient (max load up to 500 kg / anti-burst guarantee up to 90 kg). It is free of latex and contains no forbidden phthalates.


What is it good for?


For safety while sitting or performing exercises due to its anti-burst material which makes it guaranteed burst proof up to 90 kg of dynamic load (See Explanation below). Sitting on the physio ball can help to avoid back pain. Abdominal and back muscles can be strengthened through safe, efficient and dynamic back and stability exercises.


How does it work?


While sitting on the ball an upright posture is almost automatically assumed by the upper body. At the same time the pelvic floor-, abdominal and back muscles are inevitably being used for balancing. This permanent activity strengthens the muscles.


Explanation anti-burst material and burst proof:


The anti-burst material is a special molecular composition of the ball that prevents it from bursting even when punctured. The molecular structure does not allow a hole to grow rapidly faster and rip the ball apart. In case it becomes punctured the ball loses air slowly and leaves enough time for its user to get off safely. There is a difference between the total load a ball can withstand, and the maximum load that is allowed for the ball to stay burst proof even when harmed by an object. The Powerball ABS can withstand a weight of 500 kg if undamaged and is guaranteed burst proof up to 90 kg of weight when punctured. This weight is considered to be dynamic. That means a person moving on the ball can weigh up to 90 kg and the ball will not burst if punctured.


Expert opinion of Oliver Schmidtlein, physiotherapist and owner of OSPHYSIO:


"Training top athletes require maximal effect and guaranteed safety. TOGU´s Powerball® ABS® Series offers both thanks to its unique material composition. No matter if Training coordination, stability or training with heavy loads - TOGU Powerball ABS are the safest and best fitness balls for me."

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