Physical Company Power Band Level 2 (Green)
Product Code: 137SPBL2
Delivery within 1-5 working days


These bands can be used on their own or in conjunction with other equipment for added resistance. Available in five colour-coded sizes. The wider the band the more resistance offered. Maximum safe stretch approximate 150%. Contains Latex.

  • Multi-purpose, multi-level Power Bands
  • Every band has a wall thickness of 4.55mm
  • Progressive resistance levels that make these bands ideal for all fitness levels
  • Multi-layered construction for enhanced durability
  • Colours and logos may vary
  • Excellent multi-purpose Bands; suitable for agility drills, jump training, speed training, strength training and rehabilitation.

Power Band Resistance Testing based on % elongation:

Level 1: 1- 1.15 x 6kg - 2 x 9kg

Level 2: 1 -1.15 x 9kg - 2 x 11kg

Level 3: 1 - 1.15 x 11 kg - 2 x 13 kg

Level 4: 1 - 1.15 x 18kg - 2 x 21kg

Level 5: 1 - 1.15 x 27kg - 2 x 32kg

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