Interval-Circuit Training Timer
Product Code: 123TIMER-DIG-4
Brand: IFS
Delivery within 4-8 Weeks (needs to be paid in advance)


Digital Timer - 4-digit display
Large digital display with 4-digit display
Very easy to read clear and crisp digital display
Robust aluminum housing
Display 5-Stage-dimmable
Display test function
Up to 16 freely programmable and fixed keys for storable program countdown / countup and interval modes
Display format depending on the program MM: SS / 1 / 10s: 1 / 100s (minute: second)
Standard clock function with switchable 12/24 hour display
Date display in the format day / month
With stopwatch function MM: SS: 1 / 10s 1 / 100s ad
Save interval timer with the possibility of 16 different programs found with free programmable lap,
Exercise and rest periods, from 01 to 99 rounds and from 00:01 to 99:59 MM: SS for exercise and rest periods
COUNT-UP-function, programmable and storable fixed, Aufwärtzählend from 00:01 up to a programmable time (max 99:59 M:. S)
COUNT-DOWN function, freely programmable and storable fixed, Abwärtzählend of a programmable time (max 99:59 M:. S) to 00:00
FIGHT GONE BAD mode - 17 minutes of interval training program with preset, pause, and change times
TABATA Clock - Interval program in 20/10 seconds mode
With switchable 10 seconds countdown time at startup
Beeps - resound in the various programs during countdown, launch program breaks and the Switching Modes 1-3 beeps
the beeps can be switched off!

Dimensions - Length x width x depth: 42 cm x 16 cm x 5 cm
Number Height 10 cm - color reproduction of Ad - red
Housing color black
4-digit digital timer
Remote control (exclusive batteries)
AC adapter with about 3 m power cord - CE approved
Owner's Manual Download


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