The range of applications of these blocks varies accordind to the preferable classical strength exercises such as Relocation / Jerk, Squat or Deadlift.
The blocks gives the oportunity to choose the starting heights - end positions of a specific movement, of the chosen exercise. This allows a safe, more intense and therefore extremely effective workout of each partial motion / practice routines .
As a result, this contributes to a considerable extent to an enormous increase of the total force in the respective exercises.
Furthermore, the blocks are ideal for many other exercise variations such as plyometric boxes.

Basic dimensions - L x W : 900 x 500 mm
Load capacity : 500 kg
Shelf heights: 6cm / 15cm / 21cm / 30cm / 36cm / 39cm / 45cm / 51cm / 54cm / 60cm / 69cm / 75cm / 84cm / 90cm
Set / pair - consisting of:
2 complete Jerk block `s , each with 4 different blocks (total height each to 90 cm) - as shown ( Dumbbells , discs or another imaged equipment are not included )
Groups of 4 stackable wooden blocks with internal attacks
Each 6 cm plates 2x , 2x boxes 15 cm, 30 cm and 39 cm
Basic dimensions - L x W : 900 x 500 mm
Variable height adjustment from 6 cm to 90 cm
Total weight: about 256 kg
Printed with ATX ® logo
With printed altitude
Supplied fully assembled and ready to use

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