Actiroll Wave M
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The first individual adjustable regeneration tool.

What is the fascial roll Actiroll Wave - M?

The Actiroll Wave – made in Germany – is the first new air-filled and hard regeneration tool for self-massage and myofascial relaxation. The Actiroll can be adjusted easily by using the attached hand pump to different hardness in comparison to foam rollers. So Actiroll is perfect to reach new progressions in exercises and to be used by different individuals.

The air-filling causes an absorbing effect. Therefore it is also allowed and recommended to roll and move even on joints and vertebral bodies.


The wave-like structured surface enables to a more effective and deeply working massage.

The waved surface enables a more effective and pleasant massage effect. Due to a massage on the roll under use of your own body weight adhesions and tensions can be solved. Therefore your blood circulation can be improved. With three sizes this roll offers a variety of use in fascia fitness, training and therapy. The Actiroll Wave is easy, long-lasting and space saving to use.

The Actiroll is used in fascia fitness, training, rehabilitation or in therapy.

Technical details:

Size :ca. 30 cm length, ca.11,5 cm Ø

Tread depth: ca. 0,5 cm

Gewicht: ca. 900 g

Material: Rutonmax. Load: ca. 200 kg

The material Ruton is hardened, robust and easy to clean, skin friendly, odorless and 100% recyclable.

Compared to foam rolls, there is no material fatigue.


Tested and recommended by “Forum Gesunder Rücken - besser leben e.V.” (Healthy Back Forum – Better Living) and the “Bundesverband deutscher Rückenschulen (BdR) e.V.” (Federal Association of German Back Therapy Training).

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