Tiguar boxing bag 30 kg 130cm x 30cm
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The tiguar fight 30 kg punching bag is a professional punching bag designed primarily for people with smaller dimensions (therefore it will also be great for training women and children) and for beginners and less advanced in training.

All no holds barred - the all-purpose punching bag

The bag, weighing 30 kg, 130 cm high and 30 cm in diameter, is the smallest bag in the line of tiguar fight punching bags. Its weight and size make it the most comfortable solution for people of shorter and petite build, allowing them to intensively train both punches and kicks. The 30-kilogram bag is also an ideal choice for taller people and more advanced in training who want to improve the technique of their strikes in the stand-up position. The size of the bag also means that a bag of this weight is most often chosen for places where the height of the rooms is limited.

Equipment for boxing training of outstanding quality

All tiguar punching bags are manufactured in Poland, and the design and production process is overseen by a team of experts from Eksperfitness.com. Years of experience in the production of sports equipment have allowed us to produce ideal punching bags, in which all elements have been properly strengthened and adapted to face demanding training, heavily exploiting sports equipment.

That is why in tiguar boxing bags we have used a specialized material with increased tear and abrasion resistance. The surface of the material has a "codura" structure, which differs from popular bags in that scratches and creases are not so visible on them. Tiguar bags are covered with non-slip and waterproof PVC, which allows for their safe disinfection. Reinforced envelope seams, the use of titanium threads and the sewn-in reinforced polyester belt guarantee the tiguar bags extraordinary durability during countless hours of receiving kicks and punches of trainees. For their convenience, the structure of the slings has been designed to transfer the load equally to each shoulder, and the use of polyester straps guarantees tiguar bags a load capacity of up to 1000 kg.

Proper padding - the key to a punching bag's durability

Tiguar punching bags owe their reliability to one more solution that we have developed in our design team. We have noticed that in order to maintain the bag's reliability over the years and protect it from deformation, it is necessary to guarantee a tight, compact filling with a minimum amount of space between the textile trimmings. Why?

Although the surface of the punching bags is large, they are usually hit at more or less the same height. This causes the filling to "compact", which over time leads to its settling lower and lower. In this way, over time, the bag is deformed, in which the top becomes narrower in favor of its lower part, to which the filling moves. The method of making tiguar bags significantly reduces this problem.

The tiguar bag - a reliable sparring partner in your training room

The line of tiguar fight punching bags was created in response to the need to provide the Polish and foreign market with the highest quality martial arts equipment, unique design and reliability for all people training in sports clubs and gyms - so that each training brings them closer to achieving their goals and allows them to overcome further barriers. Regardless of whether you are a professional boxer or a person who wants to improve your strength, endurance and condition thanks to boxing training - the tiguar punching bag will perfectly meet your needs, becoming your reliable sparring partner.

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