TOGU Therafloss Band , 2m x 50mm x 1,5mm (Black)
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Product information "Therafloss Band"

The TheraFloss Band is available as an elastic band in two different strengths:red - 1,02 mm and black - 1,50 mm.

It is used for mobilization, improving the range of motion and releasing bonds of the tissue.
The TheraFloss Band can be used independently and in combination with TOGU training tools.

How does the TheraFloss Band work?

The application causes a targeted and temporary inhibiting the fluid exchange of the cells. If the tape is released, the blood flows back into the underserced area, which an lead to a stimulation of the metabolism.

In connection with mobilizing movements by tensions and adhesions can be solved.

Technical data:
red - 1,02 mm
black - 1,50 mm

Size: 2m Length x 50mm wide
Material: Latex


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