Tanita MC-980 MA Multi Frequency Segmental
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The ultimate tool in providing in-depth information for truly personalized consultations. Tanita has incorporated the very latest multi-frequency BIA technology together with increased data display via built-in Microsoft ® Windows ® software. A full body composition analysis is performed in less than 30 seconds. The data is then analyzed and displayed on screen with full guidance notes and can easily be printed onto a consultation sheet for further discussion. Goals for weight and body fat can also be set to increase motivation and demonstrate progress of any weight or fitness program. All the user data can be stored and used for detailed trend analysis using data management software.

This addition to the Tanita family of professional products brings fast, accurate results in seconds. The information is essential for providing a personalized and in-depth consultation on all aspects of body composition. The ability to register users and track their progress is also an invaluable tool in demonstrating the effectiveness of any weight loss or fitness program.

Client Profile 
The Tanita logo can be changed to any other logo to reinforce the service consultation. Other details include the personal data input and an ID number consisting of a maximum of 16 alpha numeric digits.

Core Body Composition Details

This table and graph shows the core components of body composition. The data is represented in lb or kg and % formats to provide a clear picture of 
users health and fitness status. The Desirable Range indicates general healthy ranges whereas the Target is pre-set to act as a motivator.

Segmental Analysis 
The segmental readings provide in-depth information for each arm, leg and the trunk area. By comparing the results to average readings shown with the blue and green shaded areas, the user can instantly see how their own fat and 
muscle levels compare.


Shows the first, past and most current core measurements. This information is also plotted on easy-to-read graphs.

Reactance Resistance and Phase Angle Readings

The Reactance Resistance table indicates measurements for the impedance flow at each of the 4 multi frequency signals. Phase Angle is also shown.H-L = Hand - Leg, RL = Right Leg, LL = Left Leg, RH = Right Hand,LH = Left Hand, L-L = Leg to Leg

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