Speed Accelerator
Product Code: 12161089
Brand: Gymstick
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Speed Accelerator

The Speed Accelerator maximizes movements that are sports specific with resistance and assistance training. The fully sheathed resistance tubing stretches against movement to build strength, or pulls you along to increase speed and improve body’s efficiency during direction changes. 
Speed Accelerator is the most effective explosive movement training on the market and is used by professional athletes all over the world.

Technical information

  • SKU61089
  • EAN6430016905664
  • Size (cm)Multiple measures
  • Weight (kg)1,65
  • MaterialsNylon, TPR and Steel

Additional information

  • NoteLenght of the elastic band 270cm (max.lenght 700cm)

Product package

  • Package (cm)43 x 30 x 11
  • Package (kg)2,05

Wholesale package

  • Wholesale package typeBrown Carton
  • Wholesale package (cm)64 x 47 x 45
  • Wholesale package (kg)12,5
  • Wholesale package (pcs)8


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