Sidea Vinyl Kettlebell 24kg (Green)
Product Code: 1452181
Brand: Sidea
Delivery within 4-8 weeks (needs to be paid in advance)



VINYL KETTLEBELLS are cast-iron weights with an unmistakable “cannonball handle” shape, covered in vinyl. They can be used for many exercises to improve strength, muscle tone, coordination, and endurance. The peculiarity of this tool is the unbalance produced by its off-center load, which makes the exercise much more intense. The generous wide opening handle provides ample space for your hands, a comfortable grip, and the flat-bottom prevents the kettlebell from rocking. The vinyl coat helps to protect the floor and reduce noise. The peculiarity of the workout with a KETTLEBELL is aimed both at training specific muscular districts and the whole body. Training with a KETTLEBELL is part of the functional training, influencing future trends in athletic preparation and fitness. Color-coded kettlebells make it easier for users to distinguish among different weights.


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