The Neoprene Super Pump Kit 17.5 Kg is a complete set for Super Pump training, which includes plates with a neoprene coating and symmetrical grip handles. The Neoprene is a particularly pleasant to touch rubber polymer, odourless and characterized by an elevated mechanical resistance, an optimal resistance to atmospheric aging and elasticity.

The greatest feeling you can get in a gym, or the most satisfying feeling you can get in the gym is… The Pump” says Arnold Schwarzenegger in the famous documentary ‘Pumping Iron’ (1977). The Super Pump Kit was born in fact from one of the most known and effective bodybuilding training techniques, which is muscular pumping, adapted to metabolic fitness with a musical base through the methodology of the pre-choreographed, the so-known “Pump class”.

Even if there is not a unique training protocol, the workout is usually carried out with not elevated loads around 25% of the maximum load, protracted series of at least 60-90 seconds, brief pauses and extremely wide movements, at the limits of the articular ROM.

A high-intensity workout that implies an elevated activation both of the anaerobic metabolism, with the consequent production and accumulation of lactic acid, and of the aerobic metabolism, with a degree that depends on the type of work and on the loads used.

Pump is also particularly suitable for home workouts. The Super Pump Kit, in fact, is multi-functional, as the plates can also be used without the barbell, just like dumbbells, and the barbell, despite being compact, offers the possibility to vary the load. For these reasons, the Super Pump Kit can be considered one of the best training solutions for a home workout dedicate to aesthetical and metabolic fitness.

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