Sidea Iron Black Kettlebell 22 kg
Product Code: 1452222
Brand: Sidea
Delivery within 1-5 working days


Premium line specially designed for kettlebell enthusiasts. It stands out both for the extensive range of weights available, 22kg, and the quality of the technical construction solutions adopted.
The manufacturing process of fusion by the gravity of a metallic alloy guarantees the creation of a tool that is exceptionally robust and free of imperfections. The entire kettlebell, with particular reference to the handle, is regular and smooth. The wide base is regular, perfectly flat, provides stability and excellent safety when the tool is used as a support base.
The finishing is completed by adopting a powder coating of high thickness, extremely resistant and elastic. This feature is essential to reduce flaking and paint losses resulting from the use of kettlebell, particularly when intense and professional use.

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