EZ Fixed Rubber Barbell

Preloaded EZ barbell. Designed for intensive professional use, chrome-plated steel bar, and rubberized weights. Combine them with PU (polyurethane) dumbbell series 8804 – 50 or preloaded barbells 8710 – 45. The barbells are marked with the weight in kg, have deep knurling, and the discs do not rotate. The series is broad, ranging from 10 to 45 kg with a weight range of 2.5 kg, allowing high practicality of use, especially in the scaling series, supersets, etc. Exercises in which the EZ bar (EZ stands for easy = facilitating) can be considered more suitable due to less stress on the tendons. 

Barbell Size: Ø 30 mm x 960 mm (bar only)
Total barbell dimensions: 1070 – 1170 mm (including weights)

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