C.F. Gym Sled
Product Code: 14590972
Brand: Sidea
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Innovative functional complete tool, designed for those who want to improve their athletic conditioning with the widest range of sled exercises; push, drag, row, with overload. Large heavy and sturdy frame with the flat base in contact with the ground, which enables the use also on synthetic grass as well as fields. The tubular for gripping, 95 cm, diameter 51 mm, grafted by gravity in the frame in order to be able to rapidly reverse the working direction without rotating the sled. The kit includes padded harness Buckle with quick release 220cm straps with three karabiners.


Sled Dimension 600 x1000 x 1000h mm

Weight 35 kg





The sledges 9097/2 C.F. Gym Sled and 9097/1 Speed Gym Sled are finished with resistant micaceous paint.

Because of their use, are inevitably subject to scratches; especially if used outdoors on abrasive surfaces.

The parts without paint are subject to oxidation, especially if used outdoors.

Before painting, it is possible to treat the products with cataphoresis, in order to make them more resistant.

The cataphoresis is an optional.

The treatment increases the resistance of the iron, but it cannot make the sled immune to any impact, scratch and consequent oxidation.

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