Barbell Support For Hip Thrust

The set of Barbell Support is an essential set of accessories/frames that can significantly increase the functionality of the Hip Thrust Platform Bench (Code 9122).
For this reason, they are highly recommended. However, adopting them may seem unusual compared to the uncomfortable still widespread habit of starting the exercise with the barbell resting on the legs.
The Barbell Supports are 85 cm long, 30 cm high, painted steel, and finished with sturdy nylon edging with four slits that prevent the barbell from sliding out unobstructedly. These features allow steady barbell support and the safe sliding of the barbell.
The loading of the barbell is facilitated (the weight plates do not touch the floor). The beginning of the activity becomes more comfortable to perform (snapping off from a non-disadvantageous position), and, most importantly, the entry and exit of the user (it is enough to horizontally slide the barbell on the supports for the athlete to be free to enter or leave the Hip Thrust Platform Bench, and have the floorboard completely clear).
From a technical standpoint, the Hip Thrust with Barbell Support is helpful for the correct execution of the movement. The Hip Thrust exercise should involve a very limited ROM (range of motion) to isolate the hip movement, avoiding to go down too much (that would include ankle and legs) and to go up too much (that would involve the back).
The presence of the Barbell Supports prevents excessive lowering. Consequently, it leads to avoiding extreme uplift due to high inertia because of the movement’s width.

Dimensions: 850 x h300 mm
Maximum load: 300 kg
Weight kg: 12 each frame

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