Sidea Adjustable Agility Ladder 45x50 cm
Product Code: 1454112
Brand: Sidea
Delivery within 1-5 working days


Agility scale with 11 squares, ≈ 45 cm wide x 50 cm long, adjustable by spacing the position of the slats on the strap. Made with nylon straps that and flat PVC slats, it adheres perfectly to the ground. Easy to stretch and collect, thanks to the metal binder gatherer, that avoids the overlapping of the twelve adjustable slats and the intertwining of the straps.

The product kit consists of a ladder, binder, and a convenient zippered carrying bag. Used in many dynamic exercises, footwork training drills, athletic preparation, and functional fitness. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Among other exercises, we find:
– lateral single-leg hops
– lateral shuffle speed
– in and out ladder drill
The limit to the range of exercises on the Agility Ladder is as broad as your imagination. Reactivity exercises are strongly recommended for tennis players, basketball players, volleyball, five-a-side soccer, and runners.

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