Product Code: 152440440
Brand: TOGU
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Product information "Posturedo®"

Enhancing and supporting posture, coordination and strength. Stabilize and mobilize. The Posturedo by TOGU - made in Germany - enable you to exercise on a instable surface which is special due to its air filled device in between of two wooden plates. Small movements of the body are transferred to the Posturedo and back to the body. This feedback can be used in all stabilisation training programmes.

Integrated optical position indicating device to control posture and movements. The level of instability can be adjusted easily and seemless by the included ball pump. The large plate allows the user to train in early all standing and lying positions on the Posturedo.

Technical details:

Size: approx. 67 cm x 72 cm x 13 cm
Weight: approx. 9.500 g
Max. Load: 200 kg


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