Landing Mat 240x150x15cm RED
Product Code: 1450406
Brand: Sidea
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Sports landing mattress for gyms and areas dedicated to athletic preparation. Made of high-density polyurethane foam, 25 kg/m³, 240 x 150 x h. 15 cm (closed 120 x 150 x h. 30 cm), covered with resistant PVC, foldable, and equipped with handles. It features large dimensions combined with considerable transportability and practicality of use.

It is recommended for those who use climbing ropes and equipment for training in suspension, flying, trx, rings, hammock. Recommended also in the setting of structures that foresee and require skill exercises at altitude, callisthenic exercises, jumps, dives, and somersaults. It is also possible to fold the carpet in half, using double the thickness, for space reasons, to properly place it in the area of the rack, or to obtain a stronger absorption of falls.

As it is the case for the 0405 Big Mat, in addition to cushioning falls, it can also be used as a work surface for the execution of exercises in pre-sport, sports, and rehabilitation. Also ideal for functional training on an unstable basis, preparatory to improve coordination and balance.

Landing Mat is called in different ways: landing mattress, fall mattress, anti-trauma mattress, anti-fall mattress, protective mattress. It is essential that managers and coaches of gyms and fitness centers, where users perform exercises in height or suspension, even moderate, do not overlook the importance of equipping areas with accessories aimed at protecting athletes in case of fall.


Dimensions: 2400 x 1500 mm (closed 1200 × 1500. h. 300 mm)

Thickness: 150 mm (closed 300 mm)

Weight: 22.7kg

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