20 Kg Kingsbox Hi - Temp Bumper Plates 3.0 (Pair)
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Product Code: 215X-014-1320
Brand: KingsBox
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The Kingsbox Hi-Tempt Bumper Plates are made of rubber and with iron inserts on the inside, making them sturdy and resistant to all types of falls. Our athletes and box owners have confirmed that the Kingsbox rubber weights are the most resistant on the market. The high-density rubber, which passes through a special vulcanization process, allows these bumpers a low and controlled rebound. The controlled low rebound ensures long life of the discs, prevents damage to the floor and equipment and helps to avoid injury to those who use them. The ring of the central hole of the bumper is made of steel and after melted with rubber. To guarantee a solid grip, we have added two anchoring rods to the insertion hole, which prevent the central part from rotating. Furthermore, lifting weights using rubber bumpers produces less sound and is therefore more suitable for home training.

The 5 kg discs are not designed to be thrown freely on the floor, but must in anycase be put down in a safe manner, thus preventing their damage.


5kg – 2,9cm
10kg – 5,7cm
15kg – 8,6cm
20kg – 11,5cm
25kg – 14,4cm

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