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Injaz Industry Rubber Tile Premium - Extra fine - 20 mm thickness

Our Rubber Tile Premium - Extra fine is 20 mm thick of extra fine, 0,7 - 1 mm small granular particles and has a virtually closed matte surface texture, but offer the 20 mm plates even more shock absorption than the execution in 15 mm thickness. The high-density boards have excellent sound insulation, are quick and easy to install in the cross or a semi-bond and very non-slip. An excellent protective material in top quality.


  • from recycled rubber granulate
  • smooth, very fine-pored surface
  • highly compressed
  • Extra anti-slip
  • for the protection of the substrate and the Equipment
  • heavy loads
  • anti-slip and abrasion-resistant
  • absorbs sound and shock absorbing
  • almost odorless
  • permanently elastic and unbreakable
  • very good lie-flat property
  • moisture resistant
  • sweat resistant
  • fast and easy to install
  • cuttable (carpet-laying knives)
  • optional clip connector / Frog Available
  • when necessary with the double-sided adhesive tape fixable
  • easy cleaning - moist washable / suck
  • suitable for interior and exterior use
  • underfloor heating


Universal application as a protective lining in commerce and industry.
For dumbbell and equipment areas. As a base for equipment and machinery.         


Loose installation on all solid surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, plaster, wood, tile, laminate, short and solid carpet and plastic coverings.
Small bumps similar to the elastic lining of playing. Exact longitudinal cutting or recesses can be performed quickly and easily with a carpet / installation knife. Due to the high weight of the plates and the blunt, the sheets are very slip-proof and therefore need not necessarily be bonded. If required, we recommend our clip connector / Frog (only with laying patterns cross bond possible) not laying patterns running bond with clip connector - we recommend, if required, our highly adhesive grip tape.


Item name: Inja Industry Rubber Tile Prenium Extra Fine - 1000 x 1000 x 20 mm

Item number: 175005

Brand: Inja Industry

Category: Rubber Tile

Delivery unit: piece

Length: 100 cm +/- 1%

Width: 100 cm +/- 1%

Strength: 20 mm +/- 1 mm

Material: recycled rubber granules (SBR) - polyurethane-bound

Granulation: 0.7 to 1 mm

Surface: smooth, very fine-pored granulate structure

Bottom: smooth, very fine-pored granulate structure

Color top: Red

Color support: Black

Density / density m³: 1000 kg / m³

Grammage / m²: 20 kg

Unit weight / pc: 20 kg

A hardness - Shore: ---

Slip resistance: R10 - highly slip-resistant (DIN 51130)

Force reduction: 33% (DIN EN 13036-4)

Impact sound reduction: 35 db (house procedure)

Wear / abrasion: 0.21% (DIN ISO 9352) (Taber Abraser Test)

Fire behavior: Efl (DIN EN 13501-1) / B2 (DIN 4102-1) - normal flammability

Application: Universal application as a protective covering for Business & Industry. Preferably, for highly stressed areas in fitness, dumbbell and training areas.

Indoor: Yes

Outdoor: Yes

Floor heating suitable: Yes

Recyclable: Product is 100% recyclable

Guarantee: except for 3 years / Color (DIN ISO 9352) (Taber Abraser Test)

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