IFS Hex Dumbbell Rubber - 2.5 Kg (Single)
Product Code: 123HEX-0250
Brand: IFS
Delivery within 1-7 working days


Hex compact dumbbells - rubber

Our tried-and-tested compact dumbbells with barbell heads in hexagonal shape that are popular with fitness studios / sports clubs. The almost indestructible design of these compatible dumbbells ensures a long service life. Since all dumbbell components are firmly connected, our Hex compact dumbbells are suitable for the highest professional demands.

  • perfect and indestructible studio dumbbells in hex form
  • Steel core with a pressed rubber coating
  • tested, high quality - non-evaporating rubber according to the current  * REACH regulation
  • firmly connected, non-removable dumbbell
  • 1 cm thick rubber coating - extremely robust
  • ergonomic handle shape, knurled and chrome-plated
  • Handle diameter 30 mm
  • Handle inside dimension 130 mm
  • with integrated KG embossing
  • gentle on the soil and durable
  • for the highest professional demands 
  • Version: black / chrome 

Price setting per piece! 

* The  (REACH Regulation) -   (EC) No. 1907/2006  is an EU chemicals regulation that came into force on June 1, 2007. 
REACH stands for  R egistration,  E valuation,  A uthorisation and Restriction of  Ch emicals, so for the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals.

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