Hex Rubber Dumbbell Kg.32
Product Code: 1458932
Brand: Sidea
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Professional fixed-weight dumbbell with hexagonal rubber-coated plates. Suitable for intense training. These dumbells are distinguished by a robust design and high-quality rubber that guarantees excellent value for money.

The rubber coating of the weight plates prevents damage to floors and benches while reducing noise. The easy-grip chrome handle offers comfort. The locking/welded system prevents the loosening of the dumbbell head. Available in a variety of weights. These dumbbells are great for many upper-body strength exercises.

The shaft is fixed through a security plate welded to cast-iron hexagonal weights to limit the possibility of detachment of the plates even during cases of improper use. Every dumbbell is marked with the weight in kg. The handle has a deep knurl and does not rotate. Training is not lightened by the lack of inertia that happens because of the rotation of plates, offering a full and high-impact workout.


Tolerance of +/- 3%

Handle Dimensions Ø 28 mm – Ø 34 mm x 130 mm




How to use heavy weight dumbbells

For the use of heavier weight dumbbells, special attention must be paid, especially in the phase immediately following use.


To use the Black PU Rubber Dumbbells weighing more than 40 kg to perform bench press on an inclined bench, it is in fact necessary to collect the dumbbells from the ground one at a time, placing them on the thighs and, subsequently, bringing them into position for the execution of the exercise. At the end of the exercise, remaining lying on the bench, bring your knees in contact with the dumbbells and return to a sitting position using the weight. At this point, place them one at a time on the ground, without letting them fall.

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