IFS Heavy Duty Rubber Plates 2.5kg
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Product Code: 12250-HDR-0250
Brand: IFS
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Rubber weight plates 3-Grip - Heavy Duty - 50 mm

Rubberized weight plate in a practical 3-grip design.
Thanks to the handles that are offset inwards, the panes can be easily lifted off the ground and thus ensure quick and safe handling. The rounded edges ensure a comfortable and secure grip.
The rubber lining made of natural rubber that has been tested for harmful substances has a first-class finish. The white integrated heavy-duty logo and the red KG point set a contrasting color accent. Due to the abrasion-resistant 5 mm thick rubber coating, the weight plates are very quiet and floor-friendly when being handled. A high-quality all-round weight plate for daily training - suitable for all weight bars and multi-gyms with weight plate mounts Ø 50 mm. Available in 8 different sizes from 0.5kg - 25kg.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Inner core made of cast steel with the highest quality rubber lining made of natural rubber
  • Rubber according to the latest REACH standard - tested for harmful substances
  • scratch and impact resistant
  • floor-friendly and durable
  • Top optics
  • with triple hand grip - for safe handling
  • with metal inner ring - enables quick and safe loading of the barbell
  • Inner ring/receptacle Ø approx. 50.8 mm
  • suitable for all barbell bars/holder Ø 50 mm
  • with heavy-duty logo and KG information – white/red
  • Color: Black

All prices quoted are per piece

Weight Sizes / Measurements

item number Weight in kg
diameter in mm: Thickness in mm
50-HDR-0050 0.5 150 22
50-HDR-0125 1.25 165 30
50-HDR-0250 2.5 185 34
50-HDR-0500 5 280 38
50-HDR-1000 10 330 43
50-HDR-1500 15 370 45
50-HDR-2000 20 400 52
50-HDR-2500 25 430 52
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