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0428 diameter 45 cm – circumference 141 cm

The Gym Ball (also known as Fit ball – swiss ball – physio ball – balance ball) is a sphere of synthetic material equipped with an inflation valve and available in 6 different sizes, from 45 to 85 cm in diameter, to meet every customer’s need. Fun and versatile, it allows you to perform a series of exercises useful for improving balance, muscle tone and coordination. It can also be used as a seat, at home or in the office, to improve posture.


The Gym Ball is a practical, ductile, innovative and fun tool, with which it is possible to create various workout programs for both personal training and group classes, as it can adapt to different individual needs and training goals.


The main advantage in the use of this product is the active response of our body in contrast to the instability of the ball to remain in balance, engaging in this way all the “deep” muscles, also called stabilizers. These muscles have a very important role both in everyday life (as they allow us to keep a correct posture) and in improving sports performance. For these reasons, the Gym Ball is one of the most widely used products in functional training.


Its use in functional training and athletic preparation programs is mainly due to its great effectiveness in activating the Core, compared to conventional exercises. Precisely for this reason, it is often included in warm-up and muscle activation routines, or in the central phases of training, in combination with strength and/or stabilization exercises.

Maximum user weight: 120 Kg


To store them, it is possible to evaluate the Gym Ball Display code 0459, or, for larger quantities, the Storage Rack code 0449.


Benefits of using the Gym Ball

Training with the Gym Ball makes it possible to improve


Muscular-articular function (tone, strength, short resistance, flexibility, mobility)

Cardio-vascular efficiency




In addition to the numerous benefits on a physical level, its use allows you to obtain great results also froma a psychological and motivational point of view. Gym Ball routines make workouts more interesting and fun, resulting in a more stimulating work environment.


For these reasons, it also helps to consolidate the routine, increase compliance with motor activity, improve self-esteem and mood, all without affecting the effectiveness of the workout in any way.


Fitness and more

The use of the Gym Ball is not limited only to the world of sports and fitness, but can also be extended to holistic and physiotherapeutic activities.


In holistic activities, it offers a support that can be adapted according to the user. In this way, it is excellent for general toning exercises, but also for stretching exercises and soft gymnastics. The advantage is to allow the body to reach certain positions in a slow and gradual way, and to be able to maintain them without problems and fatigue.


In physiotherapy, the Gym Ball creates, as already mentioned, a destabilization that forces our body to modulate movements by activating the deep muscles, the stabilizing muscles. Whether it is an exercise for strengthening the paravertebral muscles, abdominal muscles, or lower limb muscles, the Ball will allow the performance of the exercise by activating all proprioceptive systems of our body, in order to modulate the action.


All these features give this tool a great importance in the practice of functional training, which is a global training where you do not partition the movements, isolating the muscles that are responsible for them, but you train the motor skills as a whole. Everyday life requires global movements, and even more in case of athletes. For this reason, functional training tools are designed to stimulate the neuromuscular-skeletal-articular system, the fulcrum of movement, and have in joint mobility and in the culture of movement the prerequisite for their full and proper use. Functional training is essential if you want to improve the efficiency and health of the human body.


Gym Ball as a seat

In addition to improving muscle tone and avoiding incorrect positions, if used as a seat (at home or at work) the Gym Ball allows you to perform simple but extremely useful exercises, even during short coffee breaks. This is a possible routine to combat back pain and activate the Core muscles:


Cat & cow sitting

Diaphragmatic breathing with hands on knees

Stretching of the ischiocrural muscles

Alternating lifts of one foot at a time

Supine crunches on ball

By performing each exercise for 60 seconds, in 5 minutes you will achieve Core strengthening and improved spinal hydration and blood circulation.

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