Sidea Foam Roller Eva
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Product Code: 1452503-1
Brand: Sidea
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Code 2503/1 is a Foam Roller entirely made in EVA foam, 990 mm long, with a diameter of 145 mm and the surface covered with little hexagonal embossments that make it even more effective during the massage. Particularly used within pilates classes, the Foam Roller can be extremely useful as a support for stretching and releasing tension in the muscles before or after a physical effort. It can also be effectively applied to physical rehabilitation after an injury or to postural exercises.

Foam Rollers are available in two types of material: Polyethylene (code 2504), which is cheaper and softer, but not immune to some degree of deformation, and EVA, which is firmer, slightly more expensive but non-deformable and more longlasting. EVA Foam Rollers are a premium quality product, especially suitable for professional use, offering a high coefficient elasticity, perfectly finished, with rounded edges and stimulating texture. EVA roller is harder than Polyethylene, so the massaging impact is more intense.

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