Easy Big Tubing Elastic 40 kg.
Product Code: 1451696
Brand: Sidea
Delivery within 4-8 weeks (needs to be paid in advance)



Big Tubing finds application in many contexts, from functional fitness to athletic preparation. Resistance running is undoubtedly the most well-known exercise, even if these elastics are suitable for many other applications.
The Easy version, with medium to low resistance, allows you to use the elastic in excellent safety, even with older adults, and to perform different exercises, such as running sideways, running backward, four-legged, jumping, or climbing on raised floors. Using two or three Easy Big Tubing simultaneously, it is possible to achieve more excellent resistance. Any coach who decides to have three or four Easy Big Tubing can benefit from elastic bands useful for different training needs.
The Power Big Tubing, with twice the resistance of the Easy model, is useful in all those contexts in which you work with athletes in the context of specific exercises of resistance running or strengthening. It is also possible to use two or three elastic bands at the same time according to your specific training requirements.
The training demands, determined by the contexts of use, can be extremely diverse. Perfect to offer a comprehensive workout for athletes who train barefoot on a floor with little grip, and athletes who train with cleated shoes on the ground.
The tubular elastic can extend up to a specific limit, and the user must always consider the limits of the extendibility of the tool.
Before performing any exercise, the maximum extendibility should be adequately assessed. The maximum extension of the protective sock indicates that the maximum limit has been reached. The internal elastic could stretch beyond 10 m, but for safety reasons, the protective sock extends up to about 9 m. Beyond this limit, the protective sock is under tension and informs the user of the end stop. Therefore, before starting operation, it is essential to mark the working limit so that it is not exceeded by tearing the protective sock or the snap hook connections. It is advisable, for example, to use cones, pins, or balls as a reference for the athlete and place them at a distance slightly less than 10 m. Same precaution if a portion of elastic is used. As for each rubber band, it is necessary to evaluate and not exceed the maximum extension length of the portion of the rubber band you are using. This evaluation can only be carried out by the user depending on the size of the elastic used at the moment. If hooked to a fixed point, like a backrest, it is essential to pay attention to the hooking solution. The supplied snap hook may be inappropriate, and it is, therefore, up to the user to evaluate the most suitable and safe securing solution. The need for a proper fastening should not be overlooked in any way. The product can be dangerous, and the user must respect all possible safety precautions deriving from the nature of the tool.
Please make sure that children do not approach during training sessions.
Please make sure that the rubber band is not exposed to heat sources.
Once you have purchased the rubber band, read the attached user guide carefully.

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