Product Code: 152440470
Brand: TOGU
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Product information "Dynaswing"

The new Dynaswing - made in Germany - is a balance trainer and fitness ball in one. It allows for exciting training excercises while its stable and wooden ground plate provides safety. Movements and vibrations are transfered to the body and the device giving a direct feedback. Users can perform standing and balancing exercises more safely on this device, which is a further development of the popular Dynair Ballkissen and Pendelball.
For beginners assistence is still recommended. The Dynaswing features a plug valve and can be easily inflated or deflated.
Training with the Dynaswing activates deep muscules. Perception, coordination, power and stability are trained and improved.

Technical specifications:
size: approx. 85 cm x max. 55 cm
weight: approx. 16,2 kg
material: Ruton with wood


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