BOSU Ballast Ball
Product Code: 10972-18250-1R
Brand: BOSU
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Experience the next generation of ball training with the BOSU® Ballast Ball. By adding a multi-directional load  BOSU® have created a weighted (2.5kg approx.) stability ball that incorporates audible, visual and kinaesthetic references to make total body training more versatile, more effective and fun. The BOSU® Ballast Ball provides the perfect solution for making a stability ball more stable. It does this by using a dynamic stabilising load, increasing the convenience of using the ball and significantly expanding its applications. Storing the BOSU® Ballast ball is extremely simple as it doesn’t roll around plus they can easily be stacked in piles without moving!

This ball has a safe maximum loading of 600kg. It has been burst tested up to 125kg, meaning when the ball is punctured with a loading of 125kg it will deflate slowly.

Further Description: 

Blue translucent ball with pump, DVD and a 28-page manual.

The BOSU® Ballast Ball can be inflated from 55cm to 65cm.

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