The Barbell Pad Hip Thrust is a double-layered barbell padding created for use during the Hip Thrust exercise. The standard barbell padding (like code 9023), designed to be used on the higher part of the back, is not thick enough to avoid pain when leaning the barbell on the pubic area. Performing the Hip Thrust movement requires the use of thicker and denser padding. That is why people often rely on temporary or improvised solutions, like using a rolled mat or a pillow as padding to perform the Hip Thrust.


The Barbell Pad Hip Thrust is specially designed for this use, as it features a high thickness of the padding. It is composed of a high-density expanded material covered in sturdy PVC, so as to achieve a hard cushion that helps absorb the barbell’s elevated pressure.


The product is excellently finished, in particular the seams and the dimensions of the Velcro closure. The PVC outer shell completely covers the pad, including the internal part, which is in contact with the barbell: this avoids shifting the pad during the use. It has a double closure: an external one in Velcro (5 cm wide) and an internal zipper that prevents the barbell from entering the pad’s opening gap during the use.


This padding can also be used as a ‘board press’, which means as a padding between the chest and the barbell for some exercises performed on the bench, in particular when a reduction of the ROM (Range Of Motion) is needed (squats, calf raises, shrugs, and lunges). Even if the Barbell Pad was not conceived for other movements than the Hip Thrust, it allows us to minimize the use of a wooden board

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