Barbell ECO 50 mm x 220 cm - chrome - up to 250 kg

This chrome-plated barbell with a standard length of 220 cm is suitable for all conventional strength exercises.

  • Material - solid steel
  • chrome-plated and knurled
  • with reach marking
  • Holders Ø 50 mm - rotatable
  • Suitable for all commercially available weight plates with a 50/51 mm hole
  • a model from our ECO series
  • Total length: 2200 mm
  • Inner handle dimensions: 1320 mm
  • Handle diameter: 28 mm
  • Weight: 15 KG
  • Load capacity: 250 KG

The specified maximum load capacity of the dumbbell is only given under optimal conditions!
For exercises with a wide grip, such as the bench press, the theoretically highest load on the dumbbell is possible.
In the case of centralized load transfer, such as knee bends, the max. Resilience!
If the load limits and areas of application specified in the tables are not observed, the dumbbells may be damaged!
Exchange and guarantee services are excluded in this case!

Please refer to the following table for the application-related load limits!

Type of load transfer

 Maximum permissible weight load of the dumbbell

    Sample exercise

Wide handle width:

250 KG              

    Bench press

Medium handle width:

160 KG


middle / narrow grip width:    

120 KG



Application area






Strength training:


Weightlifting / Powerlifting:


* Note: dumbbell not suitable for throwing!


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