ATX® Weightlifting Training Bar
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ATX ® Weightlifting Training Bar 220 cm, 20 kg

ATX ® weightlifting training bar to international standards.
With a handle diameter of 28 mm, mm a total length of 2200 and a handle internal dimensions of 1310 mm, the rod compatible with all professional racks, pusher benches and shelves.
Having a tensile strength of 165,000 PSI (165 K), this rod being suitable for heavy duty and heavy professional strength training.
The rod has a precise grip knurling (with Mittelrändelung) with international Reach marker.
The pictures can be rotated - Storage with precision brass bushes and give a jolt-free soft run-out / spin.
Barbell and recordings have a very abrasion resistant coating / NiP Chrome.

Material: refined special steel according to EN 10277-5
Overall length: 2200 mm
Weight: 20 kg +/- 1%
Surface coating: NiP Chrome
Maximum load: 500 kg
Handle bar diameter: 28 mm
Handlebar-Interior dimensions: 1310 mm
Weight Plate Recording: Ø 50 x 405 mm
Revolving: Yes
Storage: Precision brass bushings
Tensile strenght: 165 KSI / 165000 PSI = 1137 N / mm
Edge: Präzisionsrändelung - extra grip
Reach mark: single - 910 mm
Mittelrändelung Yes
 Color code Code:
Rubber ring and end cap - red

scope of application  
Fitness: Yes
Strength training: Yes
Weightlifting: Yes
Powerlifting: Yes
The specified maximum load capacity of the barbell is given only under optimal conditions!

In exercises with wide grip such as bench press, the theoretically highest burden of the dumbbell is possible.
At certain points central load transfer, such as squat the max. Load the least!
Failure to comply with the indicated in the tables load limits and applications are possible damage to the dumbbells!
Exchanges and warranty are excluded in this case!
The application-specific load limits, please refer to the following table!

Type of load transfer  Maximum weight loading of the barbell     example exercise
Wide grip width: 500 KG 
Mean grip width: 400 KG 
middle / narrow handle width: 300 KG

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