ATX Squat - Multi Handles
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Brand: ATX
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ATX ® Squat - Multi Handles


ATX ® Squat - Multi Handles – A particularly versatile accessory, suitable for all ATX ® RIGs and for ATX ® Racks of the 800 Series

The ATX ® Squat Handles are the ideal partner for squat training with the ATX ® Safety Squat Bar. The handles can be used for stabilization and support. This makes it possible to bring the upper body into an absolutely upright position and to keep it stable. This results in a significant relief for the back and at the same time makes it possible to direct the load to the thigh and gluteus muscles.

The ATX ® Squat Handles together with the ATX ® Safety Squat Bar and the ATX ® Monolift form an ideal combination for the perfect squat . Ideally suited for safe and highly effective squat training.

Versatile applications:
The ATX ® Squat Handles are not only ideal as handles for safety squat squats. This inexpensive accessory is also great for pull-ups (fixed to a post or crossmember), triceps training in the form of (bench) dips, inverted (hanging) rows, push-ups and stretching exercises.

The ATX ® Squat Handles are made of 8 mm thick sheet steel and Ø 30 mm x 4.0 mm steel tube.
The length of the handles is 24 cm and the weight is approximately 2 kg per handle.
PA (polyamide) isolators are attached to the contact surfaces to protect the powder coating of the posts on RIGs and racks.
The handles can be quickly and easily adjusted to the desired height within the specified grid on the rack or RIG and secured against accidentally slipping out with the associated linch pin.

Suitable for:

  • ATX® RIGs _
  •  800 Series ATX ® Racks
  • all racks and RIGs with a post diameter of 8 x 8 cm with Ø 21 mm holes.

Check your rack for sufficient stability before doing exercises with the ATX ® Squat Handles!

Scope of delivery:
1 pair of ATX ® Squat - Multi Handles

The weight bars, weight plates and racks shown are not included.

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