ATX ® Sissy Squat Master Compact 

Sissys squat, squat trainer, squat pump

The ATX ® Sissy-Squat-Master Compact is a compact training device with which you can train the front thighs (quadriceps) as well as the gluteal muscles in a very targeted and effective way. The exercise can only be performed with body weight or with additional weights (dumbbells are best for this) and, due to the ease of use, is ideal for beginners as well as advanced users.

The best functionality, comfortable upholstery and the high resilience thanks to the stable tubular steel construction in top design characterize this squat device in proven ATX ® quality - Constructed in Germany!


Overview - Features:

  • easy and safe to use
  • effective target training of the leg and gluteal muscles
  • Individual height adjustment of the upholstery support via locking / clamping bolts
  • stable, stable tubular steel construction
  • heavy load + 200 kg
  • Non-slip and floor-friendly thanks to rubberized feet
  • with transport rollers and swivel handle - for quick positioning of the device
  • Quality Products Designed in Germany
  • Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S - with studio approval!
  • Dimensions length x width x height: 94 x 50 x 39 - 51 cm
  • Dead weight: 28.5 kg
  • Color: Black
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brand ATX
Delivery unit piece
length 94 cm
width 50 cm
height 39 - 51 cm
depth ---
diameter ---
colour Black, semi-gloss fine structure, powder-coated
material ---
Weight 28.5 kg
Resilience 200 KG
Certification EN 20957 I.II.IV - p
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