ATX Safety Spotter Arms - 50 - Series 600 / emergency trays
Product Code: 104ATX-SB50-0600
Brand: ATX
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ATX ® Safety Spotter Arms - 50/600 / Notablagen

Suitable for all  ATX ® racks of the 600 series



The ATX ® Safety Spotter Arms ATX-SB50-0600 are first-class safety emergency racks for power racks, half racks and free stands of the ATX ® 600 rack series. For a noticeable increase in safety and more training options with the same footprint!


The ATX ® Safety Arms have a projection of 51.5 cm (measured from the front edge of the post). The usable length of the emergency tray is 50 cm. The not racks can also be used directly for training to bring the starting position of the dumbbell to a certain height. These ATX ® Safety Arms are made of 4 mm and 5 mm thick sheet steel and 50 x 50 x 3.0 mm profile steel tube.


A sturdy support made of a 12 mm thick rubber protector with an invisible attachment and embossed ATX ® logos protects the barbell and minimizes noise when the barbell is put down. If necessary, the rubber protector can be replaced. The ATX ® Safety Spotter Arms - 50 - Series 600 are suitable for all power racks and half racks with 6 cm x 6 cm posts with Ø 21 mm holes. These spotter arms are particularly popular on our half racks, as they effectively increase training safety.


- Quality Products Designed in Germany - Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S -


torsion-free construction with reinforced beams

difficult to handle

first class workmanship

easy and quick handling

Can be latched inside and outside of the rack post

With a robust 12 mm thick protective rubber coating with invisible drop-click fastening and integrated ATX ® logo

optimal protection of the knurling and coating of the dumbbell bars through thick protective rubber coating

Maximum noise reduction when putting the dumbbell down

with internal plastic protectors to protect the paintwork of racks and RIGs

large projection: 56 cm

with additional holes to accommodate hinge bolts / band pegs or utility seat

Dead weight: approx. 7.8 kg per pair

Load capacity up to 300 kg per pair

Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S

Suitable for all ATX ® racks of the 600 series


Scope of delivery:

ATX ® Safety Spotter Arms - 50 - Series 600

1 pair


The illustrated dumbbells, weight plates and racks are not included.


Price: per pair

Show bundle options     No

brand    ATX

series    600

category              equipment

Delivery unit      Pair

length   60.5 cm - shelf 50 cm

width    6.5 cm

height   17 cm

depth    ---

diameter             ---

material               Sheet steel 5.0 mm / profile steel tube 50 x 50 x 3.0 mm

colour   black semi-gloss fine structure

Weight 7.8 kg / pair

Resilience            300 kg / pair

Certification       EN 20957 I.II.IV - p

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