ATX multi-press 700 Series
Product Code: 104ATX-MPX-730
Brand: ATX
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ATX ® multi-press 700 Series - Smith Machine

This ATX ® Multi Press presented with many strong attributes.
Excellent running characteristics, robust security Notablagen, numerous weight plate racks and a free-weight rack with adjustable J-Hooks (optional) are just some of interessantesten features.

The Smith machine offers a variety of training opportunities, and at the same high level of security during weight training.
Other benefits include optional expansion possibilities with a Latzuggerät, as well as the Free Weight Kit for full-fledged free-weight rack. A professional power unit with excellent price / performance ratio, ideal for studios, clubs, associations and the ambitious athlete.

  • Extra robust and heavy duty construction - absolutely stable and wobble-free
  • Excellent running properties
  • Easy and safe to handle
  • Special maintenance-free linear units with linear bearing technology - for easy and smooth running
  • Guide bars of hardened 30 mm diameter round bar
  • 8 catch bolt on each side, to support the barbell
  • Robust hook with Ausstell limiter
  • Barbell with Ø 30 mm handle diameter and edge for optimum grip
  • Grip width maximum of 104 cm
  • Record weight plates 35 cm long with a diameter of 30 mm diameter
    optional on Ø 50 mm upgradeable via adapter (Part No .: BB-OA-350-PVC)(2 units required)
  • Additional safety Notablagen with damping spring buffer, 5 cm in height adjustable in height
  • Mounting option for the optional  hinge bolts (Part No .: BB-90-CLIP)for the weight training with  resistance bands (Part No .: PB-L)
  • Of 10 weight plates shelves Ø 30 mm, enable an ordered store their weight plates
    optional on Ø 50 mm upgradeable via adapter :Nr .: BB-OA-250 PVC (6 pieces required)and BB-OA-180 PVC (4 pieces required)
  • With rubber feet, absorbing, slip-resistant and soil protection
  • Chin-up station with various handles, with Ø 30 mm grip strength, grip width max. 100 cm
  • Optionally expandable to free dumbbell rack with J-hooks and Notablagen *
    With this set we your multi press for full Half Rack
    • 1 pair of J-hooks with rubber protectors to protect the dumbbell and noise reduction - supports up to 300 KG
    • 1 pair Notablagen with about 36 cm delivery and rubber protectors - supports up to 300 KG
      lowest level of Notablagen of OCF (top floor) is approximately 58 cm
  • Optionally available with lat cultivation - Plate Load or plug weights

The internal dimension (handle length) to be used  must be at least 125 cm barbell  amount!

Dimensions &. weights:

  • Width: 124 cm / 200 cm
  • Depth: 165 cm
  • Height: 222.5 cm
  • Weight: 163 KG
  • Color: Black


  • Total capacity: 600 KG
  • Smith machine: 250 KG
  • Chin-up station: 250 KG
  • Weight plates shelves: each shelf Dorn 120 KG
  • Free rack
    weight rests: 300 KG (optional)
    Notablagen: 300 KG (optional)


ATX ® Multi Press - Smith Machine
Art.Nr .: ATX-730 MPX

The illustrated Dumbbells / weight plates, handles and multi benches are extra paid services and not included!
The illustrated J-hooks and Notablagen are charge-requiring accessory and is not included!

Product Name

ATX® multi-press 700 Series - Smith Machine

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200 cm


223 cm


165 cm


163 KG

load-bearing capacity

Smith machine 250 KG, pull-up station 250 KG






EN 20957 I.II.IV - S




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