ATX® Loop Band - in 5 tensile strengths: The new generation fitness band - training without annoying side effects!


  • Multifunctional fitness band for your functional fitness workout
  • Choose from 5 different resistance levels
  • High training comfort thanks to the textile cover: without uncomfortable pulling on the skin!
  • Train without skin contact with latex - suitable for allergy sufferers!

Train whenever and wherever you feel like it - the ATX ®  Loop fitness straps make it possible! But that's not all, because as resistance bands of the new generation, the training bands convince with a high-quality textile cover so that there is no skin contact with the latex. Your advantage? A pleasant feeling on the skin during the exercises - without annoying tugging and sticking!

Choose from 5 different resistance levels to find the optimal resistance band for your workout:

colour Level max.extensibility max
green very easy 140% 3.2 kg
yellow light 140% 4.4 kg
red medium 120% 5.4 kg
blue heavy 120% 6.6 kg
White very difficult 120% 8 kg
Show bundle options No
Delivery unit piece
material Band: latex, cover: polyester
length approx. 32 cm
width approx. 5.5 cm
Weight approx. 80 grams
colour green, yellow, red, blue, white
Resilience depending on the respective resistance band - see table in the product description
Extensibility Depending on the version, 120 to 140%
Level X-Light - X-Heavy
brand ATX
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