Glute Ham Developer in a class of its own!

The ATX ®  Glute Ham Trainer PRO is definitely the most effective and comfortable Glute Ham Developer on the market! With a dead weight of 98 kg, this GHD is extremely robust, extremely stable and heavy-duty. Individual setting options guarantee maximum functionality.
The semicircular, heterogeneously shaped cushions with a special foam core are extremely comfortable and minimize unpleasant pressure pain when performing the exercise. With a height of 110 cm from the floor to the top of the padding, the device has the standardized, optimal training height.
Another highlight is the fold-out knee support, which can be easily folded out / in if necessary, this increases the security if necessary - especially for beginners - considerably! The tapered opening between the upholstery rolls always ensures the ideal fit for different ankle / foot sizes, the upholstery height can be individually adjusted quickly and easily thanks to the slide-lock system. The width adjustment of the device offers perfect handling! - This can be operated directly from the training start starting position. By operating the hand lever, the support plate can be fixed easily and directly to the ideal position, thus ensuring maximum comfort and perfect adjustment.  
The circumferential handrail on the footplate serves as handles for reverse hyperextension, two additional handles on the side of the cushion make it easier to get in and out.
A staircase makes it easier to climb onto the device. Due to its high weight of 98 kg and the wide splayfoot, the device is extremely stable. The robust plastic feet are gentle on the floor and non-slip. Two hooks on the base frame allow resistance bands to be hung. Integrated transport rollers allow the device to be repositioned easily.



A perfect device with outstanding properties!

  • Extremely stable and heavy-duty - up to 500 kg
  • Best functionality and maximum comfort
  • Extremely comfortable upholstery
  • Optimal training height 110 cm - from the floor to the top edge of the cushion
  • With foldable knee support
  • Height-adjustable upholstery rolls - conical fit
  • Perfectly adjustable distance from the starting position
  • with setting scaling
  • with floor hook for easy attachment and use of resistance bands
  • with transport rollers
  • with sturdy plastic shoes - gentle on the floor and non-slip
  • Quality Products Designed in Germany
  • Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S - with studio approval!


The Glute Ham Trainer is a special training device for strengthening your core. In a unique way, the so-called GHD enables the training and strengthening of the rear thighs, the glutes, the lower back (back extensor), the hip flexor and the straight and oblique abdominal muscles. The ATX ®  Glute Ham Trainer PRO enables an extended range of exercises such as hyperextensions, lapel hyperextensions and GHD sit-ups.



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