ATX® Glute Ham Developer - Cross
Product Code: 104ATX-GHD-650
Brand: ATX
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ATX® Glute Ham

Developer - Cross

The Glute Ham Developer Cross from the ATX® Series 600 is a compact, completely professionally designed Glute Ham in an outstanding price-performance ratio. The important upholstery, which therefore requires special attention, should be emphasized. The pad has a heterogeneous radius, which has a flatter curvature on one side, making the thigh rolling noticeably more comfortable as the pressure point is distributed over a larger area. Similarly, the special foam core has the perfect hardness - soft enough to avoid pressure pain and firm enough to ensure a stable support. On the opposite side, the pad has a narrow radius with a demolition edge, making exercises such as hyperextensions, lapel hyperextensions and GHD sit-ups much more effective.
The adjustment to the body size of the trainee is done via an easy-to-use adjustment mechanism and can be adjusted 13 times in fine 30 mm steps. Special sliding strips, scaling and a locking latuting bolt ensure easy and easy handling. Two hooks at the bottom of the frame are used to attach resistance bands. Robust plastic shoes spare the floor and increase stability. The device can be quickly and easily changed by means of the transport rollers.

Overview - Features:

  • professional stable stable construction
  • with optimal comfortable upholstery
  • up to 300 KG loadable
  • finely adjustable size adjustment via lating clamping bolts
  • with lasered scaling
  • with floor hooks for easy attachment and use of resistance bands
  • with transport rollers
  • with robust plastic shoes - floor-gentle and non-slip
  • Quality Products Designed in Germany
  • Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S - with studio approval!
  • L x W x H: 161 x 92 x 106 cm
  • Height top edge upholstery 100 cm
  • Weight 63 KG
  • heavy load - 300 KG
  • Colour - black matte, fine structure, powder coated

The Glute Ham Trainer is a special training device for strengthening your body center. In a unique way, the so-called GHD enables the training and strengthening of the posterior thighs, the gluteal muscles, the lower back (back stretcher), the hip flexor as well as the straight and oblique abdominal muscles

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