Ideal for fundamental exercises (e.g. bench press, squat)

Quick and uncomplicated, individually adjustable in 14 positions for maximum flexibility and functionality

Enables safe training up to the performance limit thanks to 9-way adjustable notepads

Space-saving design that allows maximum freedom of movement during training

Massively resilient up to 400 kg - guaranteed & certified studio quality




Designed for those who want to perform - functional rack with spotter function


The ATX ® Free Stands 750 are ideal for all seriously training athletes who want to complete safe training at the limit of their ability on their own . The highly resilient Free Rack, in combination with a multibank and a dumbbell set, enables the safe execution of many basic exercises (e.g. squats, shoulder presses and bench presses in different variations). Thanks to the 9-way height adjustable notablings (3 cm scaled grid) it is possible to carry out highly effective work sets up to the edge of muscle failure - without any human spotters!


So that nothing is left to be desired in terms of training comfort, the rack in uncompromising studio quality also has a 14-way height-adjustable dumbbell rack (5 cm scaled grid). The highest level allows even very tall people up to 2.05 m tall to do squats or use as a squat rack.


In the very practice-oriented conception of the ATX ® Free Stands 750, practical weight plate racks Ø 30 mm ( 50mm adapter available as an option ) were taken into account, which enable several weight plates to be stored safely, within reach and easily accessible . Not that the ATX® Free-Stands 750 are necessary, but the enormous stability can be further increased by this storage function.


In the sum of all things, the ATX ® Free Stands 750 are an extremely functional rack , which increases the training level considerably and thus maximizes training results .


Further product details ATX ® FREE STANDS 750 / FREE RACK

High load capacity up to 400 kg

Robust frame construction , made of 75 x 75 x 3 mm profile steel tube

High stability thanks to its high dead weight (approx. 26 kg per stand)

14-way variable adjustment range from 95.5 cm to 160.5 cm (measured at the lower edge of the barbell)

Individually adjustable and rubberized notebooks from 56 cm to 80 cm; about 33cm wide

Engraved scales for easy reproduction of the adjustable heights

Indestructible magnetic spring bolt made of solid 20 mm round steel

Protective rubber boots for a non-slip stance and protection of the floor

Robust protective rubber coating of the dumbbell rack and emergency racks to minimize noise & to protect the dumbbell bar

Individually adjustable width spacing for optimal training comfort

Ideally suited for all commercially available dumbbell bars with a diameter of 30 and 50 mm

Optionally available: connecting strut, weight plate holder / adapter Ø 50 mm  (can also be retrofitted)

Designed in Germany

 Scope of delivery:

1 pair of ATX-SQS-750 ATX ® Free Stands


Accessories shown as examples - dumbbell bar, weight plates, weight bench, connecting strut are not included in the scope of delivery!


Show bundle options     No

brand    ATX

category              Squat & Half Racks

Delivery unit      Pair

width    38 cm

depth    80 cm

height   approx. 114.5 cm to 179.5 cm

Weight 52 kg / pair

Profile steel tube / frame             75 x 75 x 3 mm

Resilience            400 kg / pair

Wide dumbbell rack        variable

Breadboard        Hole Ø 21 mm, 14-fold, center-to-center distance 5 cm

Scaling  Numbers - engraved

colour   Black silk matt fine structure powder-coated / chrome-plated

Certification       EN 20957 I.II.IV - p

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