ATX® Flip Down Spotter - Notablagen - 8/110 - pair
Product Code: 104ATX-FDSS-110
Brand: ATX
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ATX® Flip Down Spotter - Notablagen - 8/110 - pair


The 8/110 Flip Down Spotters from ATX ® are reliable and versatile note holders for your ATX ® Power Rack. The notepads offer reliable protection against accidents and injuries during training, especially if you are training alone and without assistance.

The not racks can also be used as a training platform and dumbbell rest to bring the starting position of the dumbbell to a certain height.


The ATX ® Flip Down Spotters are made from 80 x 60 x 3.0 mm profile steel tube and 8 mm thick sheet steel. Angled stiffening plates at the connection points ensure significantly more stability and a higher load-bearing capacity. A sturdy pad made of a 12 mm thick rubber protector with an invisible attachment and embossed ATX ® logos protects the barbell and reduces noise when the barbell is put down. The rubber protector can be replaced if necessary.


Plastic insulators on the inside of the steel sheets serve to protect the powder coating of the racks. An additional safety bolt is used for additional fixation and security. The adjustment of the ATX ® Flip Down Spotter is easy, quick and easy to do. To do this, the spotters are simply inserted alternately into the mounting holes between the posts and then folded down.


The ATX ® Flip Down Spotters 8/110 are suitable for all power racks PRX-820 + 840 with a cage depth of 110 cm.



Scope of delivery: 1 pair - ATX ® Flip Down Spotter 8/110


The dumbbells, weight plates and racks shown as examples are not included in the scope of delivery


Show bundle options    No

brand    ATX

series    800

category              equipment

Delivery unit     Pair

length   122 cm

width    10 centimeters

height   15.5 cm

depth    ---

diameter             ---

material               Sheet steel 8 mm / profile steel tube 80 x 60 x 3.0 mm

colour   Matt black fine structure - powder-coated

Weight 20 kg / pair

Resilience           600 kg / pair

Certification      EN 20957 I.II.IV - p

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