ATX® Barbell Hinge pluggable - Core Trainer - Post Landmine

Item #: ATX-BAH-PT


The new ATX ® barbell hinge - plug-in dumbbell rotation trainer (plugable type)

The ATX ® Barbell-Hinge PT is the basis for training with the ATX ® Club Attach L, the ATX ® Squat Attach and the ATX ® Revolving Handle.
In conjunction with a rotatable Ø 50 mm barbell, the three-dimensional mobility is achieved, through which a variety of dynamic and highly effective exercises can be carried out with these training devices.

With various exercises, such as alternate presses, one-arm cleans, one-arm jerks and many more, all muscle groups can be trained extremely effectively. The pluggable ATX ®Barbell-Hinge PT is simply inserted into some stacked weight plates or ingeniously also into the ATX ® weight bar stand (ATX-BAH-BS-50) on your RIG or rack .

All benefits at a glance: 

  • Can be used with standard barbell bars with 50 mm disc holders
  • certified according to EN 20957 - I, II, IV - S
  • designed in Germany
  • new, improved model
  • stable, resilient metal construction
  • chromed insert tube
  • mounted joint for maximum mobility
  • extremely robust polyamide barbell holder to protect the barbell
  • Holder for Ø 50 mm barbell bars
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 3.7 kg
  • Dimensions: length 36 cm x width 12 cm x height 30 cm
  • maximum load capacity: 250 kg

Suitable accessories can be found under the "Accessories" tab

Suitable for insertion in weight plates with a 50 mm hole or in the ATX ® barbell stand ATX-BAH-BS-50.
The ATX ® Barbell Hinge is mandatory as a basis to use the ATX ® Club Attach, ATX ® Squat Attach and ATX ® Revolving Handle
. A rotatable Ø 50 mm barbell is also necessary!

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 piece ATX ® barbell hinge pluggable - ATX-BAH-PT

The shown weight bars, weight plates, barbell hangers, club attach, handles, stands etc. are not included in the scope of delivery!

Price per piece


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