ATX® Reverse Hyper Extension - II (including belt and roller support)
The new ATX Reverse hyperextension - II

The ATX ® hyperextension is an effective training tool that can be used both in competitive sports, as well as in the prevention and rehabilitation. Due to the construction and the related exercise execution of the lower back and gluteus muscles are exposed ideally both concentric and eccentric loads. Through the exercise, the spine is gently stretched at the bottom and decompressed, which here takes the strain off the intervertebral discs. In addition to the strengthening of muscles and ligaments, as well as increased blood flow to the muscles, including an increased supply is excited with spinal fluid.

- Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S -

- Quality Products Designed in Germany -

suitable for physical therapy, fitness and weight training
new, optimized model
stable and heavy duty construction for professional use
massive steel tube construction of 8 x 8 cm tubular steel profile
safe and easy to use
comfortable upholstery with upholstered edge in the region of the groin
6-way adjustable two positons handles - with scaling
optimally adapted to the body size or the preferred posture
matt chromed Ø 50 mm weight plates recordings with 20 cm length
individually in 4 positions mountable to shift the center of gravity and individualization of the training effect
large foot plates with inclined and non-slip floor space, the comfortable climb of the device
optionally available weight plates holder for storing weight plates directly on the device
ATX ® Fat Rubber Boots for soil-friendly, non-slip
Belt strap or roller support must be installed with a few simple steps and on and decouple

The roller support and Belt Strap described below do not belong to Aquatube and must be ordered separately.
Belt strap and / or roller support is mandatory to use the Reverse hyperextension!
We also recommend using dumbbell fasteners to secure the weight plates during training.
Matching Stoppers can be found under the tab "ACCESSORIES".

ATX Belt Strap - ankle strap for Reverse hyperextension

Robust and durable design
Fits most Reverse hyperextension devices
quick and easy handling
black with ATX Logo

Length: about 136 cm
width: 8 cm / 12 cm
Weight: 1 kg
Load bearing 400 KG

ATX Roller Support - ATX Reverse hyperextension - II

New, compactly structured Roller support with significant weight savings over the previous model.
Compatible with ATX Reverse hyperextension - II
adjustable in three positions on the unit.
With a few simple steps on and uncouple.

Length: 46 cm
Width: 51 cm
height: 22 cm
Weight: 8.5 kg


1 piece
Item No .: ATX-RHE-II
ATX Reverse hyperextension

The roller support and the belt strap not included and must be ordered separately!
The weight plates and illustrated weight plates holders are extra-paid services and not included!

Price per unit

Delivery is disassembled for self-assembly - delivery on pallet by freight carrier to curb.
Delivery with prior telephone Avis by the shipping company.
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