The ATX ® GluteShaper is a unique training device combines two popular exercises in one device. 
To almost 1.5 square meters floor space Hip Thrusts and glute ham raises can be extremely effective and
are carried out comfortably. The simple and safe handling and robust design
, the device is equally suitable for beginners as well as professional athletes. The glute Shaper offers various
training opportunities that selectively only by means of one's own body weight or resistance bands ,
can be executed or with dumbbells. The glute Shaper is excellent for rehabilitation and prevention.

- Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S -
- Quality Products Designed in Germany -

Exercises such as:

Glute ham raises
Hip Thrusts
Bulgarian split squats
can be performed in various variants and effectively train the often neglected,
but all the more important groups of muscles around the gluteus, the Beinbizeps- and lower back muscles.

New version
stable and heavy duty construction for professional use
safe and comfortable to use
easy to use
compact design
5-fold adjustable bolster, of about 36 cm to about 46 cm height
for various exercise variations and body sizes
A device for attachment of resistance ribbons
Individual and absolutely stable
equipped with transport rollers for easy move the appliance
Price per unit


ATX ® glute Shaper
Delivery disassembled for self-assembly - delivery on pallet by freight carrier.
Delivery with prior telephone Avis by the shipping company.
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