Sidea Adjustable Professional Bench with wheels
Product Code: 1459025
Brand: Sidea
Delivery within 4-8 weeks (needs to be paid in advance)


Professional Bench with wheels

Bench for professional use equipped with adjustable backrest and seat, wheels, and handle.
The bench, recently redesigned, combines functionality and safety of use with high performance during exercises.
The large central mesh and rubber wheels allow smooth movement and precise positioning even inside the racks. Both the backrest and seat are adjustable to different degrees of angulation through a firm and extremely safe locking system (ref. to Community registered model no. 007511738-0001). The double adjustment system avoids a partial insertion of the selector, leading to sudden drops of the backrest and seat. The upholstery is finished in eco-friendly leather with embossed eco-leather effect leading to the best compromise between wear resistance and grip.
In terms of functionality during exercises, high stability is undoubtedly the first quality of the tool. Although it is an adjustable bench, the security and steadiness level is comparable to that of a flat bench. The Technical Rules book of the International Powerlifting Federation – IPF, has been used as the benchmark to establish this flat bench’s dimensions. For this reason, we kept to a cushion height of only 43 cm. This height is consistent to match the adjustable bench measurements with those of the flat bench, starting from the reduced height of the cushion.
The 43 cm height eases a full resting and thrusting of the feet on the floor and a maximum stabilization of the backrest’s weight. It also helps achieve a better tilt or physiological lordosis posture, from which it stems a lumbar contraction, lifting of the chest, and adduction of the shoulders. All of these movements combined entail an optimal use of the bench.
Total length: 1300 mm
Total width: 650 mm
Maximum height: 1260 mm
Seat height: 430 mm
Support surface: 1220 x 290 mm
Weight: 40 kg
Maximum load: user + overload 350 kg
Adjustment angle: 0°-90°




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