Weight plates rubber gripper, 31 mm bore

  • suitable for all barbell bars 30 mm
  • high quality rubber coating
  • Color: Black
  • extremely durable
  • Insensitive to scratches and bumps
  • quiet
  • gentle on the floor

All prices mentioned are per piece

item number Weight in kg
Diameter (ø) in mm: Thickness in mm
30-GR-R-0050 0.5 130 21
30-GR-R-0125 1.25 160 30th
30-GR-R-0250 2.5 200 30th
30-GR-R-0500 5 240 35
30-GR-R-1000 10th 320 40
30-GR-R-1500 15 360 45
30-GR-R-2000 20th 400 55


General information for allergy sufferers and the smell of rubber:

The rubber used complies with the latest REACH standard and has been tested for harmful substances.
The typical smell of rubber is not a product defect, but a common property of the material used.
With regard to the typical product smell, however, we recommend the use only in well-ventilated rooms. 

For allergy sufferers, the approved plasticizers / preservatives used can lead to allergic reactions in direct / permanent skin contact. Please do not permanently expose 

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