This HIIT-Runner by XEBEX® is not only a motorless high-performance treadmill with a concave tread, but thanks to numerous grip options it also enables a powerful cardio resistance training - similar to the "sledge pushing" from functional training. Four different grip options enable the athlete to brace themselves against the tread with their entire body weight and thus overcome resistance that would not be an option when running alone. Accordingly, these additional options help to drastically intensify the training stimuli. This increase in intensity results in an increase in calorie consumption of up to 30 percent compared to motorized treadmills.

Of course, the device is compatible with smartphones and applications for group training. The Airplus Runner records numerous relevant training parameters such as time, distance, calories burned and much more, and the user-friendly console also offers the option of displaying training programs. The resistance of the Airplus runner can be easily and quickly adjusted to eight levels, which enables a wide range of training loads: from easy to very difficult.

Completely equipped without a motor, the propulsion of the slat running surface is triggered and maintained only by the dynamic running movement of the runner. The Airplus Runner thus conveys a completely new running feeling that comes very close to free running and also completely convinces ambitious runners who have so far been unable to gain anything from a treadmill.

All benefits at a glance:

  • excellent smooth running properties
  • with 8-stage resistance system
  • curved slat running surface with optimal ergonomics and great grip; no smell of material perceptible
  • motorless - no power connection required
  • ready to go immediately
  • Run almost like outdoors
  • Walking - Jogging - Running - HIITraining
  • unlimited maximum speed
  • Accelerate and change of pace completely arbitrarily
  • significantly higher intensity and approx. 30% higher calorie turnover compared to motorized treadmills
  • durable, robust and very comfortable slat running surface
  • effective, actually usable tread 150 cm x 43 cm
  • with backstop
  • almost maintenance-free
  • maximum user weight 180 KG
  • easy to position using transport rollers and lifting brackets
  • Clear battery-operated display, with basic displays and functions


  • Clear battery-operated display, with basic displays and functions
  • time
  • tempo
  • distance
  • speed
  • Temperature display


  • Motor: without motor - without current
  • Running speed: unlimited
  • Incline adjustment: without
  • Damping system: slat damping
  • Belt / belt thickness: slat treadmill
  • Dimensions of the tread: approx. 150 cm, width = 43 cm
  • Folding mechanism: without
  • Folding dimensions: not foldable
  • with 6-stage magnetic resistance system
  • maximum permissible user weight (running): 159kg
  • permissible user weight (walking): 318kg
  • Weight treadmill: 160kg (cargo weight 197kg)
  • Transport rollers: yes - on the underside at the front
  • Color: black - semi-gloss

Mass weight:

  • Total length: 184 cm
  • Total width: 77 cm
  • Total height: 160 cm
  • Weight: 165 kg
  • Max. User weight: 180 kg

For later disposal of empty batteries, please note the  information on the Battery Act .


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