XEBEX - Air rower 2 with Smart Connect (AR-2-BA) 
The Xebex Air rower Smart Connect is very popular among the professional users. This has to do with the price and quality ratio.The Xebex rower is one of the smoothest rowing machines ever made. It is designed in such a way that the dynamics are always present during the rowing movements. The rower Smart Connect has a 95LB heavy-duty frame, a 10-position damper to control air resistance and airflow, a more comfortable seat height, as well as the ability to easily move the rower with 4 wheels.


  • 93LB heavy duty frame
  • Maximum user weight of 227kg
  • Long 55 inch monorail with extra smooth stainless steel surface
  • Foldable design for easy storage and transport

Console / programs: 

  • Display shows: time covered, meters, beats per minute, calories, watts, 500m pace per beat, total    beats, heart rate (when connected to a heart rate monitor)
  • 9 display options: total time, 500m pace of average workout, average meters per stroke,    maximum heart rate, calories per hour, power curve, max watts, watts table per stroke,    average watts
  • pre-programmed programs: quick start, races, interval / Tabata, target time, target        distance, target calories, target movements and target heart rate
  • Compatible with 5kHz heart rate monitors


  • 1-touch adjustment on foot pedal
  • Easy to get on and off due to the high seat height of 20 inches
  • Extra padding of seat and handles for more comfort
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