Pendel Ball
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Pendel® Ball 

Back problems? Try the Pendel Ball - made in Germany - and be surprised. Just lay on it and feel better. Absolutely safe and inflatable tool for training and therapy. What makes the Pendel Ball exceptional is its oval form. For this reason the Pendel Ball offers more surface in contact with the ground and with the exercising person, then a normal training ball. This leads to a great advantage during full body training, because the Pendel Ball won´t roll away.

A wide array of applications becomes possible e.g coordination, balance, functional spinal training, fitness training, physio and ergotherapy, as well as natal preparation and postnatal exercises. Furthermore the Pendel Ball possesses a high level of bouncing characteristic. The seat height can be varied from 55 to 70 cm by inflating.

Certified and recommended by the forum: Gesunder Rücken - besser leben e.V. und dem Bundesverband der deutschen Rückenschulen (BdR) 

*In case of discomfort before, during or after training the doctor must be consulted.

Your perfect training- and therapy partner: absolutely burst proof, doesn't roll away, versatile

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