Tiguar PU Dumbbell set 27.5 - 45kg including rack
Product Code: 198TI-SET-HPUXPL05
Due the high demand of fitness products in Europe, we are unable to know when this product will be back in stock!


Tiguar PU dumbbells 27,5kg - 45kg (8 pairs) + Tiguar dumbbell rack 

Tiguar PU dumbbells are made of durable, highest quality polyurethane PU resistant to mechanical damages. Tiguar PU dumbbells line is characterized by straight handles of equal length — 15.2 cm — and knurled surface, thanks to which polyurethane Tiguar dumbbells ensure a secure grip during exercises regardless of the chosen weight. The dumbbells are available in 10 weights: from 2.5 kg to 25 kg (2.5 kg increment).

  • Handle length: 15,2 cm
  • Available Weights: 27.5 kg - 45 kg (2.5 kg increment).

Line of Tiguar free weight racks has been designed to resemble wild cats through its slenderness as well as predatory appearance and the best example of this are characteristic claw marks. Racks made of the highest quality steel ensure many years of durability, which is proven by the 5-year warranty period. Whole line of Tiguar free weight racks is produced in Poland. Tiguar PU dumbbell rack contains from 8 up to 10 pairs of Tiguar PU dumbbells (depending on the selected weights)

  • Maximum storage capacity: 8-10 pairs of Tiguar PU dumbbells
  • Height: 101 cm, width: 184.5 cm, depth: 91 cm
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