Tanita BC-543
Product Code: 149BC-543
Brand: Tanita
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Body composition monitor in stylish glass design

Body composition monitor in stylish glass design with patented transparent electrodes. 10 different measurements and children's healthy body fat range. Perfect for family monitoring, up to 4 memories and guest mode.

The BC-543 is a new addition to our Innerscan collection. The new function: Adults and children's healthy body fat ranges makes this scale ideal for people that wanna keep up there health because the health is of the whole family.

The technology that is used with home use body composition scales is based on the same advanced technology used in the professional body composition scales used by doctors, medical centers and professional athletes, fitness clubs and personal trainers around the world.

Note: This scale is not suitable for people who wear an internal electronic device, such as a pacemaker since its operation can be influenced.

Some properties:
  • Comparison of weight, body fat, body fluids and muscle mass with the previous measurement
  • Organ fat value
  • Bone mass
  • Rest metabolism
  • Metabolism age
  • Muscle mass
  • Physical fitness
  • Athlete mode
  • Healthy range for children
  • Transparent electrodes
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